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Nov 10, 2009 7:00pm EST
assaults. "worldfocus" producer lisa biagiotti traveled there earlier this year and, with the help of the pulitzer center on crisis reporting, she filed this report. >> reporter: friday afternoon, four men dressed as females narrowly escaped a mobbing in downtown kingston. just last week a male was beaten in farmouth trelawney because he was dressed as a female. >> the issue of violence against gay men, especially mob violence is definitely a reality. >> reporter: stacy anne jarrett is the executive director of support for life whether she works closely with jamaica's embattled gay community. >> as an individual you have verbal attacks, physical attacks or one on one. but if it's a group, i tell you most definitely they're going to be attacked. >> reporter: while photos like these showing a mob attack on a cross-dresng gay man are rare, individual reports of violence are common. >> two weeks ago, two guys with machetes nearly killed me. >> reporter: these gay men agreed to appear on camera as long as their identities are concealed. >> once they find out that you are gay, battyman,
Nov 11, 2009 7:00pm EST
underground in secret. "worldfocus" producer lisa biagiotti travelled to jamaica earlier this year and with the help of the pulitzer center on crisis reporting, filed this report. >> reporter: jamaica is often said to hold the world's record for the most churches per square mile. ere's a public place of worship for almost everyone, unless you're gay. if you are, you must worship in secret. reverend robert griffin, a gay american minister, flies to kingston once a month to lead this underground service. it has never been televised before. >> we have to operate underground because of the hostility towards the gay and lesbian community here in jamaica. you don't have a church building. you only have a tent. where everything is literally in a box. you have your candle holders, you have your chalice, you have your communion, everything it takes to make what church looks like on a sunday. and it comes out every week to set up church and take it back down. because to do otherwise would invite harm and it would invite danger to the congregation. god loves us because, guess what? god create
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2